Health is not just a habit. It’s a philosophy in itself. Our passion for a healthy, fulfilling and enriched lifestyle drives us to create products that are natural, sustainable and full of vital nourishment. We believe that the goodness of fruits and vegetables when combined with the right technology, can help us achieve our health goals.

We are wholly, 100% committed to the belief that every step taken in life should pave the way for a higher standard of living. We are passionate about making you the best you!


100% raw, fresh and natural fruits, vegetables and super foods go into creation of our juices. Our nutritionists, through honest and genuine scientific research make recipes that take us a notch above diets and fleeting trends.

No additives, No preservative, No Stabilizers, No chemicals. We claim nothing more and nothing less than perfectly fresh, delicious and wholesome goodness.


We acquire only the freshest produce, closest to the farm that guarantees the goodness of flavour and maximum nutritive value. Our cold pressing process ensures that the fruits and vegetables juiced are without heat induced treatments that kill the essential vitamins, minerals and live enzymes.

Our juices remain fresh and ready to have for 3 days (under refrigeration) since they are raw, non-pasteurized and unprocessed. In those three days our promise is to give you the best there is, in juices.


We pledge to deliver above and beyond the expectations of our customers through an exceptional level of premium service and enlightenment.

Making our juice loyalists reach their health goals is our main and only objective. With a highly qualified team of specialists, we continue to create some of the best juices in the country.


We are grateful, we are humble and we believe in giving back to nature. A portion of our profits goes towards raising awareness and supporting India’s organic and non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) movement.

We also minimize our waste and carbon footprint by using recyclable materials and composting. The material used for our bottles not only ensures the optimum preservation of the juices but is also the most recyclable (PET 1). They are also BPA free.