In order to provide the freshest and purest raw juices possible, we eliminate all the detours in the journey of the produce from the farm to table. The nutrients in our juices come directly to us after being picked on the farm and are passed on with equal care & craft. An all-natural process of procurement helps us give you the taste & experience of the highest quality.


Our objective of complete transparency makes sure that every step of our process is carried out under the highest hygiene levels there are.  Our bottles go through an intensive UV radiation cleanse. Our raw produce is washed with RO water and special organic vegetable cleaners in FDA approved sinks which are made of 304 grade (foodgrade) stainless steel. This removes 95% of pesticides and makes the fruits and veggies spotless.


Away from the effects of global warming & pollution, our raw fruits and vegetables are stored in a cold storage facility, making sure our produce is alive and bursting with nutrients when they are juiced.


Every process involved at MyGreens follows stringent standards set by FSSAI. The plants maintain a sealed & dust proof environment, with low ambient temperature throughout the process cycles. The air within the manufacturing unit is continuously sterilized to remove dust and microbes. We use specialised high capacity cold pressed machines imported from the U.S.. Moreover, our fruits & vegetables are prepped on 304 grade stainless steel, food grade  tables (approved by FDA). Every team member contributes to the workplace hygiene, by using gloves, masks, caps and sterile overalls.


Our juices come to your doorstep with a panache; stored in BPA free PET bottles & placed in cold containers, to keep their freshness intact. We send them from our unit straight to you, to make sure that even little time they spend between you and us, does not  damage them.